My husband Harry and I.

I am a 38 39 year old home and professionally schooled cook.  My education started early by watching and helping my mother and grandmothers in their resepective kitchens.  All three were and are talented women who used the best ingredients they could get their hands on and/or afford.  My two grandmothers were young women before the Great Depression started and instilled in me a love cooking and the process of obtaining and turning raw materials into wonderful meals.  These women also exposed me to my ethnic background through recipes and food and was able to experience through taste my Russian/Jewish, Polish, and German/Catholic roots.

I have memories of doing a lot of baking with my mother.  She always baked fresh cookies and insisted upon making cupcakes and frosting from scratch for bake sales and birthdays.  With three kids, she also was able to involve all of us in the process of making a multitude of holiday cookies and daily family meals.  My mom started her professional career as a recipe tester at General Foods in White Plains, NY.  I remember hearing stories about her testing Jello and other food articles that passed through the test kitchen at General Foods.  I started experimenting with food and recipes when I still needed a stool to reach the kitchen counter.  I am grateful that my mother involved me in making and planning meals for the rest of my family.

I subscribe to a mostly vegetarian diet except for the fact that I eat fish.  For a while I abstained from dairy.   I have gone back to drinking milk and eating dairy products and am in the process of joining a dairy collective to get my hands on raw milk , cheeses, and grass fed/pastured protein sources.

Presently, I am living my dream by attending The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts chef training program.  I also had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition/Columbia University in NYC in 2007 where I graduated as a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner.  Since then I have honed my skills as a Natural Foods Cook/Chef by constantly cooking/experimenting with food.

I am also a cookbook junkie and seem to have a new one everytime I leave the bookstore.  I have tried to curb this habit by borrowing cookbooks from the library but the library doesn’t particularly like it when their books are returned with olive oil stains.  I love to travel, visit markets, and beg people for recipes when I’ve had a good one.

In addition to my love of food and cooking, I also love to exercise. One of my biggest achievements is that I have lost 40 lbs over the past 4 years and that I have maintained that loss.  If I can do it, anyone can do it!   I love to run, spin,  practice yoga/pilates/lift weights, and am looking forward to adding kettlebells to my exercise routine.  I run about 4-9 miles a day and run races as well.  I recently completed my second half marathon and the Vermont 50k in the summer of 2011.   I prefer to run outside but in the winter months I venture in to the treadmill in the gym.

I also give cooking lessons/demos to anyone who wants them!  Why not book a lesson for you and a few friends.  I’ll even throw in a bottle of Long Island wine!  I can also bake goodies for your next occasion!

Please enjoy my blog and let me know how you like my recipes.  I am a novice photographer so any suggestions are always welcome!

Nancy Sobel Butcher
Email: nrsobel@gmail.com

Blogger since 2008, writing about food, recipes, cooking, eating, travelling, and exercise on this blog and Food52 (http://food52.com).
Dedicated cook/baker, food crafter, writer, researcher, and fact checker (a stint temping for Vogue and Lucky Magazine helped).
Web and diligent digital photo enthusiast with professional work standards and conduct.

Media Experience:
2008 – Present
Conceptualized and developed testkitchenette blog (https://testkitchenette.wordpress.com) using WordPress platform
Conduct all recipe development, testing, editing, writing,  and photographing of blog posts.
Contribute recipes and test recipes on Food 52 (http://food52.com) for upcoming book publication.
Develop and contribute recipes to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (http://integrativenutrition.com) website.

Web Skills:
Blogging Software: WordPress
Front End Systems: MS Office
Text Formatting: html tags

Institute for Culinary Education, NYC
Chocolate Intensive, December 2010

The Natural Gourmet Institute , NYC
Vegan Baking, Winter 2008

Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NYC
Professional Training Program, 2007-2008

Touro College, NYC
M.S. Special Education/Elementary Education, 2008

Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC
B.F.A. Textile Surface Design/Art History, 1999

For references, please contact me.


15 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Nancy,

    Congratulations, you won the Truffle Oil. Contact me at JerseyBites@gmail.com. I hope you’ll cook up something yummy and blog about it. Enjoy.

  2. glowfromwithin said:

    Hi Nancy!
    You were kind enough to leave a note at http://www.joiedevivrelifestyledesign.wordpress.com today – thank you! You have some great recipes and inspiration here!
    I’m excited to be enrolled at IIN and look forward to weekend classes starting up in January. I’ll be commuting from California so I anticipate some big adventures. Hopefully they will be of the fun and exciting kind… 😉
    Are you using your IIN training now in your professional life?
    Blessings ~ Be Well

  3. Nancy-thank you for your positivity! I never thought of it in terms of de- institutionalization but that is what we are doing….you are the 2nd one in a couple weeks to suggest I write a book on them. I was honored to have dinner with Dr. T. Colin Campbell on the Holistic Cruise and he suggested a movie. I love your web site and will pass it on to my nutritional health group. My foundation site is basic but gives you an idea of what is going on ….needs updating…..www.alternativeoptionshealth.org

  4. May i know what camera you are using in regards to photos in your food blog? I am doing a personal survey before buying a new camera as current photos in my blog kinda sucks, i am using a 5-years-old Pentax Option4S. Thanks for your help

    possible email me back at vivien_1223[at]yahoo[dot]com

  5. Hi Nancy,

    Great website. I look forward to our meeting!

    All the best,

  6. We are building the rank for South Naples Citrus Groves, and enjoyed finding your blog about relevant topics in the area. We’ve noticed that your blog contains some very useful information for cooks at your blog https://testkitchenette.wordpress.com/about/ , and we’d like you to consider adding a link to NaplesCitrus.com, we have a great source of fresh Florida citrus fruits, to your bloglinks.

    Our website contains a broad variety of fresh citrus products, from Honeybells and Meyers Lemons to Ruby Red Grapefruits, Oranges, and Tangellos. Some of our most popular products are in mixed gift packages .

    Please add us as South Naples Citrus Groves with a link back to our website at http://www.NaplesCitrus.com

    Please let me know if you have any questions about NaplesCitrus.com, and thank you for your time and consideration!

    Bobby Smits
    South Naples Citrus Grove

  7. Peter Felker said:

    Good evening Nancy
    I could see the mesquite tan color in your pearcake right away. I hate to be so crass but I am a partner in the production of your mesquite flour in Argentina and the USA. Im also a scientist who has been working on this on many continents for firewood and pods and furniture wood for a long long time.

    Did you notice an aroma of the mesquite when you were baking it. How would you describe it? I have some more recipes if you would like them.

    Casa de Fruta

  8. testkitchenette said:

    Dear Peter,
    Thank you for your reply! The mesquite I am using is Peruvian (distributed by Wild Zing). To me, it has a sort of spicy cinnamon like aroma before being baked and then develops a smell redolent of molasses while cooking. I like the subtle sweetness it gives my baked goods. It is quite an amazing natural resource. I’d love to receive more recipes.

    Nancy Sobel

  9. jenny meadows said:

    love your blog… and i’m a total recipe junkie…. really nice. again, i hope you’re having a beautiful bday… keep it up!!!

  10. Hey Nancy, I am looking into the program at INN now actually! I met with a friend last Friday who gave me all the materials…the only thing holding me back is the funds….it looks like such an AMAZING program! Have you found a lot of success in your career based on what you learned at INN?

  11. Love the Claiborne quote! I found your site through F52 and am looking forward to reading through it.

  12. Nancy,

    When yugave me the email address and the BLOG site I had no idea how terrific it would be. Here I am at work (when I should be doing an advertising piece about my upcoming Chamber Music Series) and I am reading you recipes, your stories and salivating.

    Thank you for sending me here. I will continue to visit and “borrow” the recipes. Please keep me posted on all of your”doings”

    Great traveling with you yesterday and thanks for sharing the dates. YUMMM….


  13. Rena Costello said:

    Hi Nancy,
    You subbed for me in EIMS on 3/16 and never left me your e-mail just this blog.
    I would welcome a visit in the classroom from you.
    631 275 4958

  14. Hi, nice to meet you !

  15. Love the blog and the recipes! xo

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