As a youngster trips to NYC from my home in the suburbs of Long Island, NY meant an exciting albeit terrifying driving experience with my father who morphed into a death defying NYC taxi like driver as soon as we popped out of the Lincoln Tunnel.  After parking the car, Manhattan opened like an oyster, spilling out Broadway shows and culinary delights. 

 Not being a frequent consumer of soda or sugary drinks I looked forward to making a stop at one of the many Orange Julius vendors for a liquid creamsicle.  It’s no wonder that I loved the combination…milk and orange juice were the dinner drink options I grew up with.  The original Orange Julius was created in California in the 1920’s and was a combination of milk, orange juice, sugar, and vanilla.  Raw eggs were introduced to the recipe in the 1950’s and 60’s but then dropped.  It was also the official drink of the World’s Fair in NY.

I often drink smoothies as part of my breakfast.  This made for a tasty if almost dessert like start to my day. 

New Orange Julius

1 banana, peeled and frozen
1/4 c. defrosted orange juice concentrate
1 c. almond milk (or the milk of your choice)

Blitz it all until smooth in the blender and enjoy!